Pillage in the Village

Vikings were deadly warriors. Villages would be burned down, the occupants would be killed, and the loot would be stolen. With this Game Changer, you can be just like them. Look for villages and take them down the traditional route. To help you become an arsonist, make yourself a Flint and Steel. Loot the ruins and go on to the next one when there are no more Villagers.

It's a lot more fun to play this Gamer Changer with friends because you may charge Villages in a group and take them out in no time.


This one will necessitate a group of pals as well as certain honor codes. Some capabilities required to play this game efficiently are limited to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, giving Xbox gamers an advantage.

Caffeine High

Caffeine Buzz does not allow you to sleep in a bed. While this isn't as big of a concern later on in the game night when you have a lot of materials, it may be extremely risky early on. Some individuals sleep through the night to avoid having to get up in the morning, but you're not one of them. You're a formidable opponent! You don't require any rest! Prepare your shelters quickly, because you'll be huddling inside them in the fetal position, sucking your thumb and begging your mother to stop the terrible monsters from staring at you through the window.


Placing and mining bricks are both important aspects of Minecraft. You are not permitted to do either using the Environmentalist Game Changer. This forces you to be more conscious of your surroundings, especially when the sun sets. You can gather as much materials as you want from Mobs and Trees and create whatever you want, but don't try to break through a wall or drop a block. Scaling cliffs will necessitate the use of torches, ladders, and other items, so be prepared.

You can play this game without breaking any trees if you're a true diehard. You can also equip yourself with the essential tools before beginning the Game Changer. For more information, visit https aka remoteconnect.

Aka Ms Remoteconnect Minecraft Crossplatform

Everyone used to play the game where you couldn't touch the ground or the floor when you were a youngster. To keep from touching the fictitious lava beneath you, you had to use cushions, chairs, rocks, logs, and anything else in your environment. Minecraft allows you to recapture the joys of this childhood game. Gather all of the items you'll need to get started. Allow yourself 10 minutes to get ready. You must stay off the ground once the time limit has expired. Dirt, Grass, Stone, Water, and any other common surface make up the "lava." It is permissible to stand on anything that can be crafted. Cobblestone, wood planks, and lily pads are all good options for keeping your feet cool. You'll eventually run out of supplies, so make sure you collect the blocks behind you! Play on Creative and use elegant blocks like Diamond Blocks as stepping stones for a more relaxing experience.


Look for a seed that has a lot of water on it. For both Xbox and PC, I recommend "The Best Seed." It doesn't have a single tree on the Xbox 360 Edition, but it does feature a bunch of small islands. If you're playing on Xbox, I recommend starting in Creative Mode and equipping yourself with all the resources you'll need to conquer the world.

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